Dark Matters was created with a phenomenal quality of connections, but that only re-enforces our resolve to create more.

As we start this journey, it is essential that we prioritise the quality and not the number of possible interactions at every level of the think tank. The aim at this stage is to dive completely into all nuances possible while maintaining already-established goals and plans. For this reason, at this stage, all requests will be initiated with an email and further instructions will be sent based on the subject.


Naturally, the most public-facing aspect of Dark Matters is going to be its outputs. While the outputs that come from the grants will be exciting and innovative, we appeal to those with credentials or experience to design treatise that can educate in specialist areas.

If you would like to write a treatise, please send us an email with the subject heading, TREATISE and briefly state your area of expertise.


Sometimes, it’s just the permission given to think. Sometimes, it’s about the finances, and sometimes, it’s about like-minds and mentors. Dark Matters, with the help of its sponsors, will be giving all of these things. This think tank was born out of those outside of the industry learning the basics and creating thoughts and things that had not been seen, so as much as we will always engage with the brightest and experienced, the spectrum for the grants goes all the way to no experience at all.

If you would like a research grant or prototype grant, please send us an email with the subject heading, GRANT and briefly state your choice.


Here at Dark Matters, we truly believe that upskilling an individual in a technological area is one of the best ways to “teach a person to fish” in the 21st century. Some of the benefits of helping people to get their heads, hearts, and hands around tech are:

  • Maximise creative potential and output
  • Increased employability
  • Reinforcing entrepreneurs or foundations
  • Reducing marginalization
  • Getting the hard-to-reach engaged
  • Give a voice to the unheard
  • A variety of psychological benefits
  • Give people purpose that keeps them alive

If you would like to Sponsor an individual, cohort or genre, please send us an email with the subject heading, SPONSOR and briefly state your choice with a link to a profile we can verify.


Whether it involves issues of diversity, methods of education, overviews of policies, or research into cutting edge technology, Dark Matters would be happy to consult individuals and organisations who want to use technology to move communities and humanity forward.

If you would like a consultation, please send us an email with the subject heading, CONSULT and state whether you require the consultation as an individual or organisation.

Before emailing, please make sure you have followed the above instructions carefully.