Some say technology is letting us “play God!” Some say it is the “mark of the beast”. Some say we have “already gone too far”, and some say that technology has nearly solved all of our problems…


Technology intersects every single aspect of our life and so when we are considering ethics, the holistic approach is the only direction that we felt comfortable taking. In general, we apply a mindset that is anti planned obsolescence while still being pro entrepreneurship, similar to those of the open A.I. community.

We believe that creating a hands-on community with the highest tech possible will help with the decentralization of technology’s influence over society and culture. It should also create a higher level of dialog and debate through diverse, qualified opinions, leading to better future plans.


The software we use to collect our analytics gives us 100% ownership of that data, guaranteeing that your information is not passed on to 3rd parties.

Personal information is only collected when requested (We may ask for name and date of birth for grant application, etc.). We will never ask for financial information before business being agreed upon through human interaction and validation.

If you see any of your information on any part of this web space that you either didn’t agree to display here or are no longer happy to display, please get in contact with us.