Working alongside other networks and organisations, Dark Matters aims to shape the new influencers of technological innovation, infrastructure, and policies. 

We are currently on the other side of an exponential spurt in technological utilities with no end in sight for any industry to be completely transformed by adoption and innovation.

Dark Matters’ mission is to continue to lead the conversation, producing the next set of voices and engineers of the futuristic world that we have transitioned into.

With this mission in mind, Dark Matters will:

  • Fund research into cutting-edge technology and its uses.
  • Fund research into marginalised communities within science.
  • Fund experimental prototypes for financial and innovation goals.
  • Mentor beginners and specialists in other arenas into technological transition or upskill.
  • Collaborate with other Networks in developing individuals within the industry.
  • Improve other organisations’ internal dealings and public perception of technology.
  • Provide a secure environment for individuals who want to sponsor the next tech potentials.
  • Produce output that can be cited and used to educate.

Holograms, genetic editing, dancing robots, driverless cars and the list goes on of the fantastical but factual things we have access to now.

Staying hands-on with the tech itself via our network and alumni, we will make sure we also have a solid voice as we approach uncharted territories.