Decentralised Application Research.

MOJA DLT Research Grant



Project Update


Born from One, now named for the all.


We are very excited to reintroduce this project as Melan going forward.


We have chosen to rename the project for several reason. Firstly our research revealed an African based DeFi platform named Moja Ride, which also has a payment service known as Moja Wallet. Seeing as there is an overlap in services and name similarity, we thought it best to title our project in a unique and informative way. Melan is a direct reflection of the people it represents. It is fun, nurturing, revolutionary and tasty but above all, proud to be made of the same stuff that the stars are. Thank you for keeping up with our journey.

About the author

Lorae Knight is the head of research for Moja. Moja is the decentralised app that pays you for being you! This peer to peer network is innovative and encompasses the very best of pioneering distributed ledger technologies. Our network is inspired by the very core of Africa and its people.

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